Timely Greetings

Timely Greetings BannerThe Timely Greetings are a series of leaflets containing the Sabbath sermons of Victor Houteff delivered from August 3, 1946 to April 22, 1950 at Mt. Carmel Chapel on the original Davidian property near Waco, Texas. Though these sermons were initially preached to Davidians, they were almost immediately put into booklet form and sent throughout the Seventh-day Adventist denomination by the millions. In these tracts, you will find expositions of prophecy, questions and answers, verse-by-verse exegesis of Scripture, and even a few auto-biographical sketches by Victor Houteff. The studies are short and to the point, presenting the Davidian message in small, easily digestible portions. Below, you will find a complete list of the Timely Greetings:

Volume 1:

No. 1 The Way Back To Eden
No. 2 Only Two Ways
No. 3 Question and Answer Discussion (Part I)
No. 4 Question and Answer Discussion (Part II)
No. 5 That Which Shall Be In The Last Days
No. 6 Zion And Her Daughters In The Last Days
No. 7 What Makes One Eligible?
No. 8 Laodicean or Davidian—Which?
No. 9 The House of David as The Angel of The Lord
No. 10 What Brings Success to Revival and Reformation?
No. 11 Build The Cities, Comfort Zion, Choose Jerusalem
No. 12 If Only 144,000 Translated, What Chance For You?
No. 13 The Revival and Reformation
No. 14 Isms, and the Remedy
No. 15 The Jews and the Christians’ Faith in the Prophets
No. 16 The Exodus of Today
No. 17 Bright Clouds Bring Gentle Rain
No. 18 The End of Human Idols and Their Worshipers
No. 19 The Fate of Jerusalem, The Call of Its Future Inhabitants
No. 20 The Kingdom of Judah, The Sifting of the Nations
No. 21 The Church Entering Into and In the Harvest Period
No. 22 The Hated Jews of Today Not The Admired Jews of Tomorrow
No. 23 The Fate of Assyria, and the Triumph of the Church
No. 24 Is World War II yet to be Finished – Saints yet to be Delivered?
No. 25 Which Nations Will Disarm, And Why?
No. 26 A World Wide Stir, and its Results
No. 27 A Rod That Speaks Calls for Reformation and Creates Great Controversy
No. 28 On the Threshold of a New World in the Sight of the Old
No. 29 A Trodden-Down Kingdom Rising To Prominence and Peace
No. 30 “Seven Women Take Hold Of One Man”
No. 31 The Old Family Tree
No. 32 Fathers Preferred Deceit Their Children Given Grace
No. 33 The Dispersion, The Time, and The Deliverance
No. 34 The Spoiler’s Spoils Taken by the Lame and the Weak
No. 35 Nations See Edom Perish, Deserts Blossom, and a Highway to Zion
No. 36 “Comfort Ye, Comfort Ye, My People”
No. 37 The End of Your Long and Trying Journey
No. 38 If Not Awakened Now, They May Sleep Forever
No. 39 The Children of the Barren More Than the Children of the Bearing Woman
No. 40 Zion in the Height of Her Glory
No. 41 The Fruits of the Anointed One
No. 42 Zion’s Reward and God’s Mighty Effort
No. 43 The Year of His Redeemed – The Sign of the Day of Vengeance
No. 44 Things That Obtain Before and After the Earth is Made New
No. 45 The Mighty Esaus and the Unpretentious Jacobs
No. 46 The Servants of God in the Gathering Time
No. 47 Jacob’s Time of Trouble; Judah and Israel Going Home
No. 48 God’s Certification to Resurrect, Purify, and Consolidate Judah and Israel
No. 49 What is Religion? Does it Profit Both Now and Hereafter?
No. 50 Life Is But What We Make It
No. 51 Is Religion Something Living and Growing? Or is it Something Dead and Waning?
No. 52 Five Men Slay After One Sets A Mark

Volume 2:

No. 1 The Lord’s Answer to the Inquirer of God
No. 2 One Shepherd to Accomplish What a Multitude of Them Failed to Accomplish
No. 3 The Christian’s Land Renovation and Heart Operation
No. 4 The Dead and The Living Make Up The Whole House of Israel; Gog Fails
No. 5 A Feast That Rolls Away The Veil, Open The Gates, And Causes Death To Flee Away
No. 6 Lewdness Flees Away at Children’s Protest! Revival and Reformation Win
No. 7 The Time of “The Time of Trouble,” and the Reward of One’s Faith in God
No. 8 Revival and Reformation Precede The Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord
No. 9 Be A New Threshing Instrument in the Hand of God
No. 10 Upshoots, Not Offshoots
No. 11 The Way the Kingdom is to Come
No. 12 The Revelation – What is it?
No. 13 Where Do The Seals and Trumpets Begin and End?
No. 14 The Chronological Setting of the Revelation Chapter by Chapter – The Summary
No. 15 That Which is to be During the Sixth Trumpet While Probation Still Lasts
No. 16 Satan’s Triple Defeat Brings The “Time Of Trouble Such As Never Was”
No. 17 A World Government And The Only People Who Will Not Bow Down To It
No. 18 The Final World Government, Communistic or Capitalistic – Which?
No. 19 Baptism and The Lord Our Righteousness – The Gate to the Church
No. 20 The Laodiceans Perish Without The “Message To The Laodiceans”
No. 21 Children Born to a Lewd Mother Bring Peace and Happiness in the Home
No. 22 The Great Paradox of the Ages
No. 23 Keeping The Commandments, The Stony Heart and The Carnal Mind
No. 24 The People That Hardly Stand A Chance
No. 25 The Product of the School of God and the Product of the School of Man
No. 26 Shintoism and Non-Progressive Christianity
No. 27 Chronically Ill With Too Much Knowledge and Too Little Understanding
No. 28 The Spirit That Originated Evil, And Its Manifestation Today
No. 29 Truth’s Decree On Earth Is The Decree In Heaven
No. 30 The Revival and Reformation Crowned with the Purification
No. 31 The Restoration and The Time
No. 32 If A Man Dies How Shall He Live Again? And What Shall He Be Like?
No. 33 The Cleansing of the Sanctuary – When and How Done?
No. 34 If You Were Nothing, What Would You Choose To Be?
No. 35 “The Lord Our Righteousness”
No. 36 Democracy, Communism, Catholicism, or Protestantism – Which is Next to Rule the World?
No. 37 History and Prophecy, Commandments and Statutes – The Bible
No. 38 Fundamental Principles of Education
No. 39 Righteousness by Grace, Righteousness by Faith, and the Righteousness of Christ
No. 40 The Education of Christian Youth – Where and How Obtained
No. 41 Current Events, The Palestinian Situation, and How Close the Separation?
No. 42 That Which is to be During the Time of the End
No. 43 A Dead Top, an Offshoot, or an Upshoot – Which?
No. 44 The Signs of Christ’s Coming or the Signs of the Kingdom – Which?
No. 45 What is Christianity? Who May Take Hold of It? And Who May Miss It?
No. 46 The Gift of Miracles Especially Healing and Speaking in Tongues, – When, How, Who?