In order to aid all truth-seekers in their investigation, we here provide a list of some of the best known resources for different fields of study related to the present message.

Note: All of the offline resources (those without links) listed below can be found by searching their titles at Logos, Accordance, Amazon, Scribd, and Internet Archive.

Bible Software

Interlinear Scripture Analyzer

Online Bibles

The New English Translation (The NET Bible)
The New English Translation of the Septuagint (NETS)
Academic-Bibles (German Bible Society)

“Non-Canonical” Scriptures


The Online Critical Pseudepigrapha
Early Jewish Writings
Early Christian Writings
Wesley Center Online Noncanonical Literature
InterFaith New Testament Apocrypha

Hard Copy Books

The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha (J.H. Charlesworth)
The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 (R.H. Charles)
Old Testament Pseudepigrapha: More Noncanonical Scriptures (Bauckham, Davila, Panayotov)
The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English (Vermes)
The Dead Sea Scrolls: A New Translation (Wise, Abegg, Cook)
Discoveries in the Judean Desert
New Testament Apocrypha (Schneemelcher)
The Apocryphal New Testament (Hone)

Online Scripture Manuscripts

Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library
Digital Dead Sea Scrolls
Aleppo Codex
Leningrad Codex
The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts
New Testament Virtual Manuscript Room (University of Munster)
Codex Sinaiticus
The Book of Ben Sira
Online Digital Manuscripts and Editions (OTTC)

Textual Criticism

Dead Sea Scrolls

The Biblical Qumran Scrolls (Ulrich)
Dead Sea Scrolls Bible Translations
The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible (Ulrich, Abegg, Flint)

The Septuagint

Gottingen Septuagint
Lexham English Septuagint
The New English Translation of the Septuagint (NETS)
Brenton LXX (Greek and English)
Greek Septuagint (Rahlfs/Hanhart)

The Masoretic Text

Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia
Biblia Hebraica (Kittel)
The Massorah

The Samaritan Pentateuch

The Torah: Jewish and Samaritan Versions Compared (Shoulson)

The Peshitta

The Newsletter for Targumic and Cognate Studies
Targum Institute

The Latin Vulgate

Latin Vulgate (Weber/Gryson)

The Greek New Testament

Novum Testamentum Graece (Nestle-Aland) 28. Edition


Ancient Near Eastern (Includes Textbooks, Grammars, Dictionaries and more for ancient Akkadian, Aramaic, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Hebrew, Moabite, Phoenician, Sumerian, and Ugaritic.)


eTeacherBiblical (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem – also has Aramaic)
Learn Classical Hebrew (eTeacherBiblical’s Youtube Channel)
Hebrew Grammar 1 Video Course (The Master’s Seminary – William Barrick)
Hebrew Grammar 2 Video Course (The Master’s Seminary – William Barrick)
Biblical Hebrew Course and Grammar Lessons
Hebrew Audio Bible


Galilean Aramaic
An Introduction to Aramaic (F.E. Greenspan)


An Introduction to the Study of New Testament Greek (Swetnam)
NT Greek.Net
Institute of Biblical Greek
Greek Lexicons

Ancient World Context of Scripture

The resources of this section are quite varied; some contain general information about the ancient world, while others are more focused on a certain aspect such as Second Temple Judaism, Jewish artifacts, early Christian history, or a particular library or collection. It is true that some of these resources contain ‘online scripture manuscripts,’ but since they also contain much more than that, we have not included them in the section with that title.

Sacred Text Archive
Schoyen Collection
West Semitic Research Project
Claremont Colleges Digital Library
4 Enoch: The Online Encyclopedia of Second Temple Judaism, and Christian and Islamic Origins
Artefacts of Ancient Judaism
Foundations of Judaism and Christian Origins
The Ancient World Online
The Oriental Institute
Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative
The Tertullian Project
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
New Advent Church Fathers Collection (contains NT Apocrypha)
Jewish Virtual Library
Papyrology at Oxford
Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature
The Bodleian Libraries Cairo Genizah Collection
The Friedberg Genizah Project
Cambridge Digital Library Cairo Genizah Collection
Sefaria Library


Biblical Archaeology Society
The American Schools of Oriental Research
Israel Antiquities Authority
Archaeological Digs
The Qumran Visualization Project

Seventh-Day Adventism

Ellen White and Pioneers Writings Database
Ellen White Estate
Ellen White Estate New Website
Adventist Archives
Adventist Pioneer Library
Loma Linda University Digital Archives


Cochrane Library
Science-Based Medicine
BioMed Central
Authority Nutrition

New Moon Estimates and Sightings

Renewed Moon
Moonlighting Committee Worldwide
HM Nautical Almanac Office Moonwatch
Hebrew in Israel Facebook Group
New Moon and Aviv Barley in Israel Facebook Group
New Moon From Israel Facebook Group

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