Donation Instructions

In order that we may use each donation for its proper and intended use, please follow the steps below:

1. Click the "Donate" button (below). This will take you to the necessary PayPal page.

2. Near the top of the PayPal page you will see a space to fill out the purpose of your donation. In that space, please specify the category/categories to which your donation belongs. For example, if your donation consists of first tithe, second tithe, and offering, please specify how much of the total belongs to each category. Likewise, if you are sending a general free-will offering or an offering for a specific cause, please inform us of such in the designated space under "Purpose."

3. Fill out the PayPal form and follow the instructions to completion.

If you would like to send tithes, offerings, or donations by other means than PayPal, or if you have any other questions concerning the sending of funds, please contact our treasurer at

Note: Donations to this association are not eligible to be claimed as charitable tax credits since this is not a registered charity.